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A digital experience in your indoor playground

Slides, climbing towers, playing structures and ball baths: a random selection from the well-known ELI Play range. A completely new range of possibilities has recently been added. Products of a completely different order, but still a “whole lot of fun”.

My hands glide through the soft sand and I think of the past: Dutch summers on the beach. The sharp dune grass, sandcastles with moats, and water running in during high tide. Crabs scampering around the surf, turtles swimming and happy children with buckets...

Turtles? I've never seen turtles before, but I'm not on the beach at the moment either. I’m experimenting with one of the newest products for indoor playgrounds: the Animated Sandbox.


Sagi Yehezkel, the young CEO of Breeze Creative, has recently started working together with ELI Play: "Sometimes entrepreneurs think they need to completely rebuild their park, with ditto investments, in order to be ready for the future. Fortunately, that is not necessary. With a relatively small update, our customers can make their park innovative again.

The market is becoming more digital and more interactive and ELI Play takes updating from now on very literally. Through this new collaboration, entrepreneurs can add countless new, digital and interactive experiences to their park, such as the Head Tracker, Animated Sandbox, Digital Ball Wall, and the Draw Alive.

Head Tracker interactive game Breeze Creative ELI Play
Head Tracker Breeze Creative

Fun and educational

"In everything we think of, we make sure it's not just fun. We also try to make educational games, preferably one in which the children can work together. The idea of the Animated Sandbox was initially only about geography and topography. On the high parts picked up by the sensor, mountains were projected, on the low parts water and rivers. This development was an achievement in itself, but we felt that we could improve the idea. It had to be more interactive and it could be more fun: with animals.”

Animated Sandbox from Breeze Creative, Ocean Theme


Breeze has succeeded in creating software that allows fish to swim in the rivers dug by children. The crabs will mainly scratch the created pieces of land and roam around in the surf. Does the sand move because someone adjusts the geography of the bucket? The river and the fish just move along. Not just fun, but also interactive and instructive. And what’s the advantage of this Sandbox? "We have developed not only a maritime theme, but also Jurassic and African savannah versions. So, once you have the hardware, it's pretty easy and not expensive to alternate with other themes," Sagi explains.

What do you need?

First of all, you need a place where you want to have the experience. An empty wall alone can be sufficient for Draw Alive, for example. In this game we enable kids to take a drawing of an animal and bring it to life in the digital world.

Most of Breeze's games take up little space and are ideal if you want to add a digital experience to an existing indoor playground. Sagi: "Of course, what you need differs per product. Our For our Animated Sandbox you will need a sand table. Generally, the software and some hardware items (standard PC, Camera and a Projector) are enough to run one of our experiences. When purchasing our software, all customers receive information about exactly which hardware is needed and detailed installation instructions. If you're a little handy with computers, you can probably install it yourself," Sagi says reassuringly. "Another possibility is that you have ELI Play take care of the complete installation, including a sand table. Whatever is convenient for you.”

What’s next?

Sagi: "We hope that in the coming years, together with ELI Play, we will be able to present our digital experiences all over the world, from playgrounds to museums, so that everyone can enjoy them. Our products will always remain simple. Because the little things make you enjoy life.”


Are you looking for something special or do you want to have a new theme custom-made? Anything is possible. Together with partners such as Breeze Creative, ELI Play is constantly developing new themes for indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks. Contact ELI Play via Stan ( / +31 (0)411 725 107) for more information on all of Breeze Creative's add-ons.

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